Tax Accountant in Kitchener, ON

Tax Accountant Kitchener

We provide our clients with dependable advice for sole proprietors, corporations, personal and registered charity tax returns.

Completing taxes is one of the more complicated and tedious tasks that everyone must complete. LNM Accounting Solutions knows that your taxes have a large impact on daily operation and long-term growth potential. We use the latest software and tax regulations to offer tax services and are not only here to complete the task but to also guide you toward the bigger picture for your company or personal finances. 

​We complete returns for personal, sole proprietors, corporations, and non-profit organizations. We are also available all year round to answer any pesky questions that you may have or that the CRA/IRS may send your way. 

LNM Accounting Solutions offers Taxation Services to clients across Kitchener, Oshawa, Markham, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Waterloo, Southern Ontario, and the surrounding areas.

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