T. Atkison

Author: LNM Accounting Solutions |

Quickbooks savvy Book Keeper specializing in REAL ESTATE

"Lotoya is a breath of fresh air! Efficient, effective, & exceeds expectations. I do the majority of my own books (which probably makes Lotoya's job even more difficult), and thus I am very involved in every transaction. I have been using various bookkeepers and accountants over the past few years trying to find the right fit for my business. All were considered experts and recommended by professionals. Although they were competent they all lacked certain qualities I desired.
I was looking for 2 very specific qualities:

  1. Real Estate Investing Knowledge, specific to the CRA.
  2. Someone to not only work on my Quickbooks account but who could provide me with an education. Lotoya met both these needs and additionally provided:
  3. Online virtual sessions where she walked me through explanations of the QB systems while we were in very different time zones.
  4. Auditing of my company and rectifying incorrect entries made by me.
  5. Helping with special projects specifically with strata corporations and GST filing through multiple different companies.
  6. Met deadlines when needed.
  7. Her $ rate is fair as the work is completed quickly which reflects an affordable invoice. Some bookkeepers are cheaper but are certainly slower which in turn costs more. I am always comfortable knowing she will keep track of hours and minimize my costs. I am excited to work with Lotoya in the near future. She has been so proactive in such a short amount of time. I know with a bit better communication on my end we will build a system that takes minimal time and effort. She has made my life better and provided value which I am very grateful for. You can find more information about her here: https://www.lnm-cpa.com/ Do yourself a favor and hire her!"